Why Us?

We Promise The Highest of Professional Falconry Standards

Animal Activities Licence Number – 21/02447/ANEXHI

Otto - Peregrine x Lanner Falcon
Merlin and Grace - Gyr Falcons

About The Team

Headed by Alistair Leese, Hawkeye Falconry UK comprises of 30 raptors, inclusive of Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles. We are extremely proud to attend all sized events and we have attended some of the largest events around today, through our professional but lively approach. We are very honoured to of undertaken events at some very prestigious venues, including Blenheim Palace, Windsor Castle and Sandringham Estate, where we have performed in front of members of The Royal Family, as well as at other Country and County Shows.

We also appeal to teachers and other event organisers, attending many schools and community events annually – of both we simply love undertaking! In addition, we feel very privileged to have appeared on a few TV programmes, including Countryfile and Countrywise.

We really do look forward to hearing from previous and new potential customers. If at any point you would like to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact – we are here to help at any time.

We Love Our Birds

The welfare of our birds is at the highest of standards, having achieved the maximum level of the ‘Animal Activity Licence’. Our birds are all constantly flown free daily for 10 months of the year, whether at our base or at events. The 2-month annual break is essential. It provides a period to slow down, go through their natural moult cycle, and boost their energy.

At our base, the birds are all kept in large aviaries. We have regular inspections by our local authority to ensure the birds are cared for. Since 2018, it is a legal requirement for anyone exhibiting animals to have an ‘Animal Activity Licence’ and it is up to the event organiser to ensure that this is in place.

We care for a maximum of 30 birds. We feel this is a really nice number of birds to look after. We can guarantee that each bird has their time to exercise each day. A strict Animal Rotation Policy is in action with us. This means that each bird only visits events a maximum of 3 days a week, during peak times. Only birds which are happy at events, attend them.

No expense or time is spared for our birds. They truly love their lives, as we love them.

Alistair Leese with Gyr Falcon

Meet Some of Our Birds …

Sweeney - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Gyr x Lanner Falcon

Sweeney has been a fundamental part of our team since 2012. From the age of 9 weeks, Sweeney has been living with us. He is a very stylish bird, to look at when both still and flying. He is such a sweet nature, but is extremely crafty, which really shows his personality.

Todd - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Gyr x Lanner Falcon

Brother of Sweeney, Todd is such a dramatic fast bird when flying. His gentle nature quickly changes, when a pigeon comes into view! He has reached speeds over 120mph and he loves to perform for a crowd – the bigger the better!

Surrenna - Steppe Eagle


Russian Steppe Eagle

Bred in Belgium in 2016, Surenna is a gentle giant. She does love to laze around in her aviary, on her days off and really does show her character. She is a fantastic bird to work with.

Bluebell - Great Grey Owl


Great Grey Owl

Our gem! Bluebell is such a star here at Hawkeye. So easy to work with, Bluebell just loves flying to everyone. She has been with us since she was 2 weeks old in 2015. She is a beautiful bird and hard to forget.

Sweeney - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Spectacled Owl

This cheeky chap plays a major part in our work here at Hawkeye. He loves to be travelling around the UK and hugely prefers having all of the attention on him. Bred in The Highlands, Domino has been with us since being 2 weeks old. 

Todd - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Peruvian Striped Owl

You certainly know when Mylo is around! He is so expressive and calls frequently during the day, expressing his happiness. He is incredibly clever and does like to trick us and test if we are switched on each day!

Grace - Gyr Falcon


Gyr Falcon

‘Gorgeous Grace’. The most beatiful falcon we have worked with. She is very large and in the air she is truly spectacular. She has a humungous bond with Alistair and displays this relationship when flying high in arenas. A pure delight to have, a real honour.

Bubble - Barn Owl


Barn Owl

The most beautiful sight in the british countryside, has to be a Barn Owl. Bubble is a perfect example of this and flys beautifully. You won’t be able to hear her coming, but she is a real professional and loves visiting schools!

Twix - Boobook Owl


Boobook Owl

This picture says it all about Twix. The most cheeky owl you will ever meet! We love his character and does not disappoint. He will chase and catch insects suddenly and is very happy to enthusiastically fly to everyone. 

Otto - Peregrine Falcon


Peregrine Falcon

The speed machine! Otto is a superstar and flys at really high speed. He is a sweet natured falcon who really loves flying to amaze. Watch your heads though – as he has knocked off peoples hats, as he’s flown in and out of arenas!

Trigger - Harris Hawk


Harris Hawk

With Harris Hawks being used a lot in falconry nowadays, it really takes a special one to shine out from the rest. Trigger is one of these. After a career doing pest control at an airport, Trigger came to us in 2020 and has proven to be a great addition. The rabbits better watch out though!

Rusty - Red-Backed Hawk


Red Backed Hawk

Lara is a charming bird. She came to us from our good firends at The Cotswold Falconry Centre and is a very sweet natured hawk. She flies beautifully. Being young we are hoping he will turn out to be an exceptional hawk and will help this species thrive by one day being a mum.