At Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire


Exclusive Experiences With Our Beautiful Birds

We offer memorable bird of prey experiences in the heart of The Sherwood Forest, in the private 5 acre Victorian walled garden and surrounding woodland at Thoresby Park. The experiences feature birds, from our team of Owls, Hawks and Falcons. You will have so many opportunities to fly the birds yourselves!

We undertake three different experiences. ‘The Thoresby Falconry Experience’which is undertaken in small groups on specific dates. Or for a more personal and in-depth experience, we offer Private and Family Experiences.

The experiences are suitable for all ages, with each visitor having multiple opportunities to fly the birds and gain many treasured memories with our birds.

Andy With Clover

Thoresby Park is located on Thoresby Estate, near Ollerton in Nottinghamshire. Our location is also close to the Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire county borders.


Due to amazing demand received, we are unable to book in anymore experiences until mid September onwards. We are making vouchers available to purchase, but please note that we won’t be able to accommodate you until mid September at the earliest.

We encourage people, who already have a voucher to book it in now.

For more information or to ask us a question, please contact us on experience@hawkeyefalconry.co.uk

We are sorry if this comes as a disappointment and we apologise for any inconvenience.

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Thoresby Falconry Experience

Gyr x Lanner Falcon

Private Falconry Experience

Family Falconry Experience

Thoresby Falconry Experience - £35

Featuring between around 10 birds, this experience provides the opportunity for you or a loved one to fly a wide range of birds, inclusive of Owls, Hawks and Falcons.

The birds involved in the experiences, differ. Although they mainly involve large owls, like the Great Grey Owl and Eagle Owls, smaller owls like the Barn Owl and Boobook Owl, as well as a Hawk or two, plus a couple of fast flying falcons! Throughout the experience, you will learn a great deal about falconry and its role today, as well as being able to take plenty of photos and video of yourself flying the birds.

Approximate Duration : 2 Hours

Suitable for ages 6+. We keep each experience to 6 participants, to ensure plenty of opportunities to fly the birds. One spectator per participant also welcome – £10 each. Undertaken on Specific Dates. Vouchers valid for 12 months..

Bluebell - Great Grey Owl
Grace - Gyr Falcon

Private Falconry Experience - £155

The birds are there just for you. Invite some friends or perhaps have a day out in the countryside with your partner. This experience is truly special. We have accommodated private experiences for one person, as well as larger groups of 10 plus.

Featuring around 8 – 10 birds, from our team of Owls, Hawks and Falcons, the variety of birds involved showcase a wide aspect of falconry. You will be flying some small owls and larger hawks and owls, as well as watching and witnessing up close the breathtaking speed of peregrine falcons.

You will all have the opportunity to fly the birds, take photos at your leisure and experience the birds up close. This experience will be a joy for bird lovers or anyone with an interest in these phenomenal animals!

Duration : 1 hour 30 mins

No limit with group sizes. Suitable for all ages. We will try our best to accommodate a date/time of your choosing. Vouchers valid for 12 months.

Family Falconry Experience - £175

This is an unforgettable experience for your family at the beautiful Thoresby Park. Each family member, including youngsters, will have countless chances to fly the birds and learn a huge amount about falconry.

Featuring a wide range of birds, differing in sizes, the birds will happily fly to each family member. The birds included are from our team of Owls, Hawks and Falcons, from all over the world. There will be some British birds, like the Barn Owl and Kestrel. As well as some beautiful birds from other continents, like the Spectacled Owl, which is from the Amazon Rainforest!

Quality time, together in the countryside, with majestic birds of prey. This experience is truly special.

Approximate Duration : 1 hour 30 mins

Suitable for all ages. Designed for 2 Adults and 3 Children – if larger group please do contact us before hand, to make sure we can accommodate you all. Although we rarely say no! We will try our best to accommodate a date/time of your choosing. Vouchers valid for 12 months.

Domino - Spectacled Owl