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We do apologise for any disappointment, but due to extremely high demand received, we have restricted the selling of experience vouchers. We are doing this to ensure that people, who already have a voucher, can book their experience in the near future. We envisage that the restriction in sales, will be in place until August 2024. Please keep checking this page for updates.

If you already have a voucher please do not delay booking.

(Updated on 16th March 2024)

Experiences With Our Beautiful Birds

Our experiences are undertaken within a private 5 acre victorian walled garden and a 10 acre section of The Sherwood Forest – totally exclusive for just our guests! It is such a special location and is truly unique. Our birds love the surroundings of the experience venue and fly effortlessly in the environment.

We undertake two different experiences, all with lots of opportunities to fly our birds. The Thoresby Bird of Prey Experience is our most popular experiencewhich is undertaken in small groups on specific dates. Or for a more personal experience, we offer the Exclusive Bird of Prey Experience, with the birds being there just for you.

Your host, Alistair (pictured here with Rocky, our Milky Owl) will be able to guide and assist you throughout the experience. Hawkeye Falconry UK is a family concern, based near Thoresby Park, looking after around 40 birds of prey. We are so passionate to show our very much loved birds to you. They are very much part of our family and love meeting new people.

Please have a look at our experiences below, for more information. If you have any questions please email us –

Rocky our Milky Owl and Alistair

Thoresby Park is located on Thoresby Estate, near Ollerton in Nottinghamshire. Our location is also close to the Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire county borders.

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Photography Days

The Thoresby Bird of Prey Experience - £60


This experience provides the opportunity for you or a loved one to fly and meet around 10 birds of prey.

The birds involved in the experiences differ each time. Although they involve large owls, like the Great Grey Owl and Eagle Owls, smaller owls like the Barn Owl, as well as a Hawk or two, plus a couple of fast flying falcons! Throughout the experience, you will learn a great deal about what we do, falconry and its role today. There will be plenty of opportunities to capture photos and video of yourself flying the birds.

This experience is undertaken in a small group on specific dates. We keep each experience to 7 participants, to ensure plenty of opportunities to fly the birds. Up to two spectators per participant are also welcome (small fee applies).

Minimum age – 6 years, for both participants and spectators.

Domino - Spectacled Owl
Grace - Gyr Falcon

Exclusive Bird of Prey Experience - £245

For Up To 8 People


The birds are there just for you. Invite some friends, bring the family or perhaps have a day out in the countryside with your partner. This experience is truly special and we can cater it to your needs.

Featuring around 10 birds, from our team of raptors, the variety of birds involved showcase a wide aspect of falconry. You will be flying owls of all sizes and large hawks, as well as watching and witnessing up close the breathtaking speed of peregrine falcons.

You will have countless opportunities to fly each of the birds, take photos at your leisure and experience the birds up close. This experience will be a joy for bird lovers or anyone with an interest in these phenomenal animals!

Usually Undertaken on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

Larger groups can be accommodated – please contact us. Suitable for all ages. We will try our best to accommodate a date/time of your choosing. Vouchers are valid for 18 months.

Price is £245 for 2 people or for 8 people, for example. Not per person.

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