What a great season so far. Thankfully we always seem to have a few days spare in August to sort things out and get ready for a hectic end to the season.

May, June and July went like a flash, attending some fantastic shows. Everyone seemed to enjoy our displays and the show organisers are all happy. This is the first year that we have involved music in our displays and wow, has it been a hit.

We have another new addition called Ragnor. He is a younger brother of Sweeney and Todd, our infamous cast of falcons, who are simply the best. Ragnor is only 12 weeks old at the moment, so when he has settled in, we will get some pictures on our Facebook page.

Looking forward to all the events upcoming. Please take a look at our Facebook page to see which public events we are at in August/September

We were delighted to meet this Gentleman at The Royal Navy Base in Southampton.