The Walled Garden, Thoresby Park,

Nottinghamshire, NG22 9EP

Sunday 9th June 2024

11:30am – 4pm


About This Special Event

Join us, in the Victorian Walled Garden at Thoresby Park for an afternoon with Birds of Prey.

As usually seen at some of the largest events and prestigious venues across the UK, Alistair Leese, your host, will fly some of our treasured, dynamic and exciting show birds, who usually entertain large crowds.

If you have been on one of our experiences at Thoresby, this event will provide the opportunity to see some of our different birds, as well as see some familiar faces in a different light. The birds are flown to music and it provides a very special spectacle.

The Walled Garden at Thoresby is usually closed to public, so we are very thankful to the estate to allow us to invite you to enter and enjoy this exclusive event. The profits, from this event will go towards further plans to make this unique area come alive once again. Only ticket holders will be able to see the birds in action – a large wall stands in the way otherwise!

There will also be a Thoresby BBQ, an ice cream van, a face painter, amazing craft stalls, archery and more!

Rocky our Milky Owl and Alistair

This Years Special Guest

We are delighted to welcome Meirion Owen from Quack Pack to add another fabulous element to this special event.

Meirion is a great friend of ours and resides in Carmarthenshire, in South Wales. He is a very accomplished and well-respected sheepdog handler and judge. His duck herding demonstrations are designed to showcase the amazing talents of border collies and the communication between handler and dog. His demonstrations are informative, educational and highly entertaining. They are also interactive, allowing hands-on adult and child participation.

We are looking forward to introducing you to Meirion!

Grace - Gyr Falcon

Schedule of event*

11.30am – Walled Garden opens to ticket holders

12pm – Welcome and 1st Bird of Prey Display by Hawkeye

12:45pm – 1st Display by Special Guests – Meirion Owen From Quack Pack

1:15pm – Lunch. This is your free time. You could eat your own picnic in the walled garden or make the most of the Thoresby BBQ & Ice-cream Van. You could enter the archery competition – with the prize being a bird of prey experience for two. Please also support the amazing craft stalls that will be with us. Grab a momento of the day!

2:15pm – 2nd Bird of Prey Display by Hawkeye

3pm – 2nd Display by Quack Pack

3:45pm – Photo opportunity! Have a photo with one of our beautiful birds (small charge applies). Alternatively you can relax in the walled garden and exit the walled garden when you would like to.

4pm – Walled Garden closes

*subject to change



Is the venue accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes, but please be warned, there is a 5 minute walk from the car park, and the walled garden is bumpy and undulating in places.

Will there be toilets on site?


Is parking included in the ticket price?

Parking is an extra small charge of £3, which is paid on the day. There is a carpark with over 200 spaces, plus an overflow. Please follow signs on the day, showing where to park.

Will there be food and drinks available?

Yes. There will be a fabulous BBQ, provided by the catering team at Thoresby. There will also be an ice cream van. Drinks are available.

How do I book a photo opportunity?

We are not doing bookings for the photo opportunity. We have set aside half an hour, after the show to ensure that everyone has an opportunity. There will be a small charge for the photo opportunity.


Sorry to disappoint, it is a no. We have to think of the birds welfare here, with the event being intimate.


The Walled Garden, does not house any seating – it is a large grassed area. Usually visitors to this event, bring their ‘picnic equipment’. A rug, or portable chair would be useful, if wanted. Totally up to you.



Child (Under 16)


Family (2 Adults, 2 Children)


Parking is paid on the day – £3 per car. Price excludes booking fee.

Archery  & Axe Throwing Competition

PRIZE : Bird of Prey Experience For Two

Visit the archery team and enter the competition. Best archer and axe thrower, will win a bird of prey experience with ourselves at Thoresby Park!

*Age restrictions apply.


Thoresby BBQ

Make the most of the amazing produce Thoresby Estate has to offer. Beef and Venison Burgers, will be available to purchase. Support the estate and have the most delicious treat! There will also be vegetarian options available from the fabulous catering team at Thoresby.

And More!

We will have an amazing face painter at the event.

We will also have a few stalls for you to browse.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust will be there, to answer any questions you have regarding birds of prey and wildlife in your local area.

Some of The Birds You May Meet

We have over 30 treasured birds. Obviously we will only bring birds which are happy and in good form!

Sweeney - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Gyr x Lanner Falcon

Sweeney has been a fundamental part of our team since 2012. From the age of 9 weeks, Sweeney has been living with us. He is a very stylish bird, to look at when both still and flying. He is such a sweet nature, but is extremely crafty, which really shows his personality.

Todd - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Gyr x Lanner Falcon

Brother of Sweeney, Todd is such a dramatic fast bird when flying. His gentle nature quickly changes, when a pigeon comes into view! He has reached speeds over 120mph and he loves to perform for a crowd – the bigger the better!

Surrenna - Steppe Eagle


Russian Steppe Eagle

Bred in Belgium in 2016, Surenna is a gentle giant. She does love to laze around in her aviary, on her days off and really does show her character. She is a fantastic bird to work with.

Bluebell - Great Grey Owl


Great Grey Owl

Our gem! Bluebell is such a star here at Hawkeye. So easy to work with, Bluebell just loves flying to everyone. She has been with us since she was 2 weeks old in 2015. She is a beautiful bird and hard to forget.

Sweeney - Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Spectacled Owl

This cheeky chap plays a major part in our work here at Hawkeye. He loves to be travelling around the UK and hugely prefers having all of the attention on him. Bred in The Highlands, Domino has been with us since being 2 weeks old. 

Otto - Peregrine Falcon


Peregrine Falcon

The speed machine! Otto is a superstar and flys at really high speed. He is a sweet natured falcon who really loves flying to amaze. Watch your heads though – as he has knocked off peoples hats, as he’s flown in and out of arenas!

Grace - Gyr Falcon


Gyr Falcon

‘Gorgeous Grace’. The most beatiful falcon we have worked with. She is very large and in the air she is truly spectacular. She has a humungous bond with Alistair and displays this relationship when flying high in arenas. A pure delight to have, a real honour.

Bubble - Barn Owl


Barn Owl

The most beautiful sight in the british countryside, has to be a Barn Owl. Bubble is a perfect example of this and flys beautifully. You won’t be able to hear her coming, but she is a real professional and loves visiting schools!