3) Flying Displays & 'Have a Go'

2 x 30 Minute Arena Displays

Static Display Throughout Your Event – Featuring Around 10 Birds

4 x ‘Have a Go’ Sessions

What Is Included

2 x 30 Minute Flying Displays

Each display that we undertake features a different schedule, birds and flying techniques. At least 4 birds, feature in each display from our team of Eagles, Owls, Hawks and Falcons. Our well-known speciality is our very fast flying falcons, which often fly together, creating a unique and stunning spectacle, especially with the added element of music. All of our birds are always in top condition and form, allowing for outstanding presentations. A professional, yet entertaining, commentary is given throughout, with opportunities for the audience to be engaged, throughout the display. 

Reviewed as “A once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed” and “Spell-binding” our falconry displays are truly unforgettable and do tend to be a huge highlight of each visitor, drawing the crowds.

If 2 x 30 minute displays, does not work for your event, we can alter timings to suit, please get in contact with us.


Static Display Throughout Event

Inclusive of around 10 birds, from our team of Eagles, Owls, Hawks and Falcons, our team are able to provide one of the most professional set ups around, featuring multiple information boards about the birds, the history about falconry and its role today. The set up is designed with the birds being our main thought. It provides a fully sheltered area, where our birds can relax in-between their flights in the arena. We are so passionate about expressing falconry in such a positive way that providing everything is safe, we will ensure that every single bird we bring to your event, will be flown during the day.

‘Have a Go’ Sessions

Not available with any other team, we started these sessions in 2017 and since then, they are so successful and provides an opportunity for the public to get up close to the birds, under close supervision. The sessions are undertaken in a small separate ‘arena’ which we set up next to our static display. Lasting about 15 minutes, public can come and fly one of our owls. Each participant will be briefed and will always be under close supervision, ensuring the sessions are safe for visitors and our birds. These sessions, normally feature smaller birds, that are not used in the arena displays. There is no charge for the public to undertake this. Each session normally allows 12-15 people to have a go.


Arena – We normally undertake the display in the arena that you already have at your event. We require an arena of minimum dimensions 25m x 25m, with vehicle access, in and out. We normally have a show marshal escort us in and out safely.

Static Display – We kindly ask for a grassed area of 15m x 15m, positioned ideally with no public access around the back and away from particularly loud attractions.  

Have a Go Arena – Sited next to our static display, we ask for an area of 9m x 9m.

P.A. System – We require the use of a P.A. system with ideally a headset microphone and the ability the connect music. We do house a Sennheiser headset microphone, that we can normally connect to any system, if one is not available.

If a P.A. system is not planned to be on site – we can bring a long a portable P.A. system, for our displays, if there is not one already one on site. There is no extra charge for this.

Price Range

£395 – £525

We would like to thank you once again for your display.  Your support is greatly appreciated and your birds are a wonderful asset to the event and are really enjoyed by all our visitors.

Claudia Wilson

Show Director, Cotswold Show