Evening Events

Evening Falconry Talks

Having a Falconry Display at Evening Events, can bring an unexpected level of excitement. Whether it is for a Meeting, a Ball, a Social Evening or for another gathering, having owls, hawks and falcons at the event is something else!

The team at Hawkeye Falconry UK, undertake many different criteria for you to choose from.  As always, our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Falcons on CadgeStatic Display and Hands-On – Typically evening events are indoors, therefore not being able to have the ‘normal’ static display, because of the lack of grass!!  Therefore, the team take a selection of Falcons, to the event, to be placed on a cadge (a medieval wooden frame, used for transporting falcons).  From here the Falcons can be passed to the guests for a personal experience with the bird, allowing them to have their photograph taken and ask questions.  The team can stay for as long as you would like.

Interactive Flying Display Our indoor evening demonstrations are certainly unique.  The display typically consists of at least four different species of birds, obviously dependent on the time allocation.  The talks can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration.  During this time, all the guests will have the opportunity to fly and handle the birds.  Included in the talks is the history side of falconry, falconry today and lots and lots of flying.  Owls and Hawks are flown during the evening talks, as well as a Falcon for handling.  They obviously prefer to fly in the biggest room possible, but the birds can adapt to any dimensions of space (within reason!).  Normally, these displays cannot be undertaken with a large amount of guests (500+), but please do let us know if your event includes a higher number of guests, we may be able to adapt things for the event – Thank You.

Evening TalksStatic Display, Hands-On and Interactive Flying Display (The Best of Both Worlds) – Please read the above two sections for information on the static displays and flying displays.  If you would like both of the above, they would be split into two separate experiences.  The team can undertake them in any order, but a small space of time (around 15 minutes) is required between the experiences to change equipment, birds etc.

Obviously if you would like something else that is not listed above, please get in contact with Hawkeye Falconry UK, via the Enquiries Page, to see what the team can do to help.

Prices start from:  £80 (Please get in contact for a quote – Thank You)

Having Birds of Prey at your Evening Event, allows for the guests to experience something unique. Hawkeye Falconry UK will certainly make your event a memorable one!