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Birthdays Falconry

Having Birds of Prey and Falconry at Birthday Parties has to be one of the most exciting ways to celebrate another year, especially with Hawkeye Falconry UK.  Having Owls, Hawks and Falcons displaying what they do best at the event, certainly makes it very memorable.  Over the past years, Hawkeye Falconry UK has undertaken many birthday parties for all ages, both inside and outside. The team understand what is wanted and the team excel in making the event an unforgettable experience for all the participants.  Having Owls, Hawks and Falcons fly at very close quarters, certainly gives an unexpected buzz of excitement!

For Children’s Birthdays we recommend this itinerary :

  • Static Display featuring a selection of birds – For Inside Events (5/6 birds). For Outside Events (6-8 birds).
  • Children can come over and meet the birds, allowing them to handle the birds and ask any questions that they may have.
  • When the initial buzz of excitement has calmed a little, we will commence an action-packed Flying Display – lasting approximately 30 minutes.
  • The children will fly the birds themselves, inclusive of owls, hawks and falcons.
  • After the display, as the children wish, they can come over once again and handle the birds.
  • Total Duration of approximately 1 hour 30 mins.

For Adult Birthdays :

  • We can undertake the above schedule that is involved in the Children’s Birthdays.
  • OR we can undertake a 1 and a half hour falconry experience, where we provide a more indepth experience of falconry for everyone to partake in.

The above are itineraries that we have found work well. Although if you have any other ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are able to build a bespoke package for you!

About the Flying and Static Displays :

The Interactive Flying Displays is what Hawkeye Falconry UK is all about! Owls, Hawks and Falcons (if appropriate) will be able to perform their skills and manoeuvres that they perform day in day out at events all across the United Kingdom. A private display for your guests that is usually undertaken in front of thousands of people certainly is very special to see at such close quarters. The display lasts about 30 minutes in duration.  The Flying Display will have a full running commentary throughout.

As well as the flying display a static display will also be built for the duration of the event, allowing guests to handle the birds as well. Similar to this picture below :

Falconry Static Display


From £250

As the above description. Static display for the duration of the event. Available all year round, covering the whole of United Kingdom. Inside or Outside. Price determined by distance, location, date and duration. Please get in contact via the form on our Enquiries Page, via this link – We will be able to send a quote over to you within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you!


To undertake an outdoor display we would require an area that is simply away from moving traffic. We will bring a small PA System to use, if necessary when undertaking the display, if there is not already one on site. The static display will be built on a grassed area.

To undertake an indoor display we would require a large room to allow enough space for the birds to fly within.  Nothing else is needed in this case.  We will bring a PA System, if necessary, to undertake the display, if there is not one already on site. The birds will be sited on perches indoors, whilst not being flown.


“Absolutely fantastic, entertaining and interesting. It made a wonderful day even more memorable, with such friendly nice people. Nothing could be improved as it was just perfect. Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful, treasured memories. We are still talking about it. It is something that is not just for the day but that enjoyment has continued as everybody wants to talk about it. You made my dads birthday and he found it all overwhelming. But wanted me to thank you all for being so nice and making his day so special. Thank you.”

Kate Edwards (80th Birthday Party)

“Thank you so much for making my mothers birthday such a memorable day – it made it a very special event! With kind regards.”

Sarah Barton (90th Birthday Party)

“Had Hawkeye Falconry UK for my sons 10th birthday. Alistair arrived with plenty of time to set up. A great interactive experience and the kids and adults were all kept entertained. Alistair is very knowledgable and birds were amazing, he even brought 2 baby owls along. Flying display was pretty awesome. All around great experience. Thank you.”

–  Nikki Litchfield (10th Birthday Party)

“A BIG thank you to David, who brought his birds along to my partners 50th Birthday on Saturday, it was an honour to be able to get up close to birds you might only be lucky enough to get a glimpse of in the wild. We were delighted by David and his birds, he not only entertained us but also educated us! To be part of the flying display was an incredible experience, it made a special day into a very memorable one. Thank you, Hawkeye.”

– Rachel Breeze (50th Birthday Party)

“Thanks for the incredible 9th birthday party. Ben has confirmed that it was definitely his best party ever, along with the number of the adults who were there,  some of whom have had at least 50 birthday parties to choose from! The way the birds flew and your in-depth knowledge of them was very reassuring and it’s great to know that the birds are evidently so well cared for and looked after. If anybody is ever looking for someone with amazing birds, and awesome flying display and a calm professional approach I will immediately send them in your direction. Thanks again for providing an amazing experience for all of us.” 

– Paul Cobham (9th Birthday Party)


Having Birds of Prey at a Birthday Party certainly makes it memorable!  Please get in contact via our Enquiries Page including what you require, the location of the event and whether indoors or outdoors, we will then get back to you with a quote for our services.