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Nevaeh Getting The Hang of ‘This Flying Thing’

One of our 2018 youngsters Nevaeh is coming on superbly. We have something extremely special planned for this young lady for our 2019 displays. At the current moment we’re keeping all details a secret so it can’t be copied. Although we can safely say that it is going to be a spectacle.

Update on Percy the Peregrine Falcon

Percy, the young Peregrine Falcon, is getting on extremely well now with his performances.  He is sure to amaze people at the outdoor country shows.  If you thought you had seen everything that a falcon can perform, think again! He is now 24 weeks old, and his progression day by day, is outstanding.  


This is Percy and he is a Male Peregrine Falcon.  He is 10 weeks old and he is sure to be a top display bird, in the very near future.  Percy will be featuring a lot in displays, all over the United Kingdom and will be performing something very unique, that is very rarely seen […]