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Nevaeh Getting The Hang of ‘This Flying Thing’

One of our 2018 youngsters Nevaeh is coming on superbly. We have something extremely special planned for this young lady for our 2019 displays. At the current moment we’re keeping all details a secret so it can’t be copied. Although we can safely say that it is going to be a spectacle.

Tyrion – Male Saker Falcon

We have quite a few new additions being trained currently. A few of them we are keeping secret for now, as they progress in their training. Although we are delighted to say that we do have a little addition called Tyrion – a Saker Falcon. Tyrion has dwarfism, so is a lot smaller than what […]


A selection of amazing photos taken at a recent Photography Workshops with Heather B Studios! For more information on the workshops and if you would like to book, please contact Heather B Studios – http://heatherbstudios.com  

June – July 2016 (Cotswold Show Video)

Wow! What a couple of months it has been. During the past 2 months we have so far undertaken 100 events! All of our teams have been extremely busy as you can probably imagine. Stand out events include the Cotswold Show near Cirencester. A great event to be part of : Cotswold Show 2016 from […]

GPS – New Dimension for Events

In November 2015 we received some brand new equipment from USA. The trials of the product went so well, during the following months and now with the thermals starting to appear, we are starting to see the true benefits of this system. The system now allows us to give detailed information of the current altitude, […]


We have a new baby in our hands!  A Jack (meaning male) Merlin. At the current moment in time Pumpkin is 5 weeks old and is settling down getting used to travelling to events and meeting new people and seeing new things!  Our plans for this little chap, weighing only 6oz (!!), is to have him […]