School Visits and After School Clubs

Falconry and Owl School Visits

Having birds of prey involved in Schools and After School Clubs allows a unique opportunity to teach all ages to build an in-depth knowledge into birds and nature.   Falconry School Visits - Siberian Eagle OwlWhether for Art, History, Biology, Geography, extra-curicular activities or simply for a unique experience, birds of prey in the classroom give that extra learning excitement.

A typical session (up to one hour in length) will consist of 6 birds.  The team adapt the content of each session according to the age group. These sessions are performed inside (preferably a school hall), so we never have to worry about the unpredictable weather!

The difference with our sessions are that not only are the birds flown free inside your school, BUT the children fly the birds, not us. The birds brought a long are specially trained to undertake this service and they simply love their job, as do we!!

The team will try their best to make sure that each child has the best experience possible. We involve all the children in the sessions, with around 30 being able to have a go at flying the birds to their glove. Therefore we do recommend class sizes for the sessions, although it is not a problem if this is not possible, each child will leave amazed and full of knowledge.

The sessions are undertook in a fun, unforgettable and educational manner. The team currently undertake over 100 school sessions a year and they are always a hit for the children, and the staff!

Here is a very short taster of what we undertake, at a recent visit to Cheltenham Prep.


1 x 1 Hour Session – £175 + fuel

(only available for schools within 50 miles of Nottingham)

2 x 1 Hour Sessions – £290 + travel expenses

3 x 1 Hour Sessions – £370 + travel expenses

4 x 1 Hour Sessions – £450 + travel expenses


1 x Evening/After School 45 Minute Session – £90 + fuel

(Only available for venues within 20 miles of Nottingham)

Owls, Hawks and Falcons, from all around the world, can be involved in educational sessions, tailored for any age group.

Ferruginous - School VisitsHawkeye Falconry UK bring along a wide selection of birds of prey into your school for the children to see up close and fly.

The Team will Consist of Some Native Species from a Selection of:  British Barn Owl, Kestrel, Little Owl, Peregrine Falcon, European Eagle Owl, Merlin

It will also Consist of Some of Our Non-native Species from all Around the World:  Siberian Eagle Owl, Gyr Falcon, Peruvian Striped Owl, Saker Falcon, Spectacled Owl, Great Grey Owl, Lanner Falcon, Melanistic Barn Owl, Harris Hawks and Red-naped Shaheen Falcon etc.

If you have any specific requirements as to what birds you would like us to bring, please do let us know.


“THANK YOU!  Really, thank you for all that you did today to make the experience such a special one for the boys – they have not stopped talking about you since!  Do keep in touch.” 

– Nottingham High School

“Alistair brought 4 owls and 4 falcons to visit my class as part of our ‘Predator’ topic and what a fantastic time we had. All the children held a bird and were transfixed by them flying around our school hall. I can thoroughly recommend Hawkeye Falconry to anyone who is looking for a fascinating experience.”

Farmilo Primary

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to our school!! We’ve had such wonderful feedback and everyone enjoyed the sessions!!!” 

– St. Laurence School

“Thank you for your visit last Tuesday and a wonderful display again from the birds at Hawkeye Falconry UK. Everybody learnt some interesting and fascinating facts during the presentation which tied in to their learning in the classroom. The students and staff were thrilled to be able to get so close to the birds and in particular being able to fly them across the room – some great memories made for the students! I wish you a great summer of flying and look forward to your visit again next year.”

– Churcher’s College

“The children at school learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Thank you.” 

– Southglade Primary School

“I was over the moon with the professional and high quality experience our Year 3 children received. Pitched fantastically and completely met our needs for an interactive, informative and entertaining experience. Many thanks and we will look forward to inviting you back next year.”

Paulton Junior School


Please Note: Hawkeye Falconry UK undertakes all our work in accordance with Full Public Liability Insurance.  Each of our falconers holds a Performing Animals Licence, CRB Certificate and Animal Transport Licence.  A copy of our insurance and risk assessment documents will be sent to you once the booking is complete on request.  Dates are booked on a first come-first serve basis.

The Bird of Prey Displays are ideal for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Holiday Clubs or even after school clubs (Brownies, Cubs, Beavers etc.).  Please get in contact with your requirements and location via our Enquiries Page and we will get back to you within 24 hours – Thank You.