Public Display Package 3

Package 3 is the ultimate falconry experience. It is a great package for either small or large events. It allows members of the public to experience the flying of the birds throughout the day – whether when watching the arena displays or on a more personal basis when experiencing flying the birds. Also allowing the public to come up to the static display, in between the arena displays and sessions, whilst the birds are resting.


Please do also take great care to have a look at the requirements for each category – thank you.


    Stated as “A once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed” and “Spell-binding” the falconry displays are truly unforgettable. The team exhibit the natural attributes and abilities of the birds, whilst exhibiting the true sport of falconry, at close quarters to the audience. Music is periodically involved in the displays as well as an educational and entertaining commentary. With the added extra of the choreographed music, the displays become an amazing attraction, drawing the crowds like no other falconry display in the UK. The public becomes involved in the displays.

    Hawkeye Falconry UK offers to undertake two 30-minute displays throughout the day or one 45 minute display.   This is of course in addition to the static display that will go on throughout the event.  Of course, if this itinerary does not work for you, we can adapt everything to suit your event. Falcons, Hawks, Owls and Eagles are involved.

    REQUIREMENTS FOR ARENA DISPLAYS – The team and birds can work in almost any arena size. Bigger the better, but as a guide, we recommend 25m x 25m as a minimum. If this size arena is not possible, please do get in contact and let us know – we are normally able to slightly alter things to suit. Hawkeye does house a PA system that we can use in the arena if there is not already one on site.

    Cast of Falcons - Sweeney and Todd


    Our ‘Have A Go’ Sessions have proven to be a real hit with either large or smaller events. Ourselves at Hawkeye will provide a PA if necessary. The birds for each session vary in size and species, so there will always be a bird suitable for everyone. The sessions run between 10 – 15 minutes in duration. Plenty of opportunities will be given throughout the day. All ages can experience flying a bird throughout the day.

    A small charge will be asked for, for members of the public to participate. These funds are given to a bird of prey charity that we support. Alternatively, if you are raising funds for a charity, money can be raised for this cause – please get in contact.

    maximum of 5 ‘Have A Go’ Sessions will take place during the day.

    REQUIREMENTS FOR ‘HAVE A GO’ – We require a small arena of around 8m x 8m minimum, sited next to where the static display will be. It would be appreciated if this arena could be in place before we arrive.


    Hawkeye Falconry UK, pride themselves on being to the most professional of standards, and therefore the team bring at least 10 birds of prey, including Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles from all around the world, to be on static display during the day.  The team will bring a self-contained, secure and enclosed weathering for the birds during the event. The static area gives protection to the birds whilst not performing, as well as the opportunity for the public to get a close-up, personal view of the birds – also allowing the opportunity for questions to be answered and photos taken.

    REQUIREMENTS FOR STATIC DISPLAY – A grassed area is preferred, but if not available, please let us know when enquiring. We normally ask for an area of 15m x 12m for the static display. This includes the vehicles within the area, which are preferred to have nearby at all times.

    Our Set Up For Large Scale Events