An Evening With Owls


Experience the world of owls like never before. You will leave amazed by the majestic nature of these flying creatures – after experiencing owls, from all around the world very close and personal!

The owls will be free flying all around the venue – so watch out! If you are frightened of birds – this is not the place to be!!


25th November 2017 

St Judes Church Hall, NG3 5HE

TICKETS AVAILABLE – £8.50 per person


Doors open at 6:45pm with the evening starting at 7pm!

After receiving a cold drink and a biscuit (or two!), you will be asked to grab a seat and prepare for an evening like no other! Our specialist team of trained owls, will then take over and fly all around the room, showing their natural skills and manners. Accompanied by a specialist and fun talk about each species individually by a member of our team.

As well as some British owls, the majority of the owls taking part will be from across the globe! You will possibly meet :

Domino – Our young Spectacled Owl! This owl is like no other and is certainly a very unique and unforgettable owl. He originates from the Amazon rainforest and with this comes some very peculiar characteristics, that he loves to show off! Some people say he looks like a penguin – he is not!!

Bluebell – Our Great Grey Owl. Possibly one of the most iconic species of owl in the world. A lot of people have seen these creatures on their television sets, but they are very rare to come across in the flesh – until now! Her amazingly large head but small feet makes this owl certainly unusual!

Pebbles – Our Siberian Eagle Owl. One of the largest owls in the world! But one of the softest mannered (well Pebbles is). Experience the thrill of her flying over your heads, with her huge 5 foot wingspan and hold onto you hats, glasses and wigs!!

Bubble and Squeak – Our Barn Owl duo! Two brothers but totally different characters. You would not think that these two were brothers, if you came to see them in the flesh – but they are!! An amazing surprise. Watch out as they fly together around the room – nothing is safe!

Mylo – Our Peruvian Striped Owl. Simply stunning and unusual! He does a great impression of an elephant – (you just have to believe us!). A very confident character that simply loves his life!

And … Pippin An Eagle Owl from Ethiopia. Our veteran of the team and with that his lazy attitude! He loves showing off, but prefers to walk!! We do try our best!! This species lives mostly on the floor in Ethiopia, hence why! It is just not Pippins lazy attitude – or is it?!

During the display, you may get the opportunity to fly the owls yourself, but please do not worry if you do not get an opportunity! At the end of the display everyone can get up close to an owl, if you wish.

After the display has finished, an owl will be placed on a perch, where everyone individually can stand next to and have your photo taken (with your own camera). Our team will be around, if you have any last minute questions!

The display lasts around 1hour 15 minutes, followed by the opportunity for photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be at the venue during the evening?

We issue a maximum of 100 tickets per evening. Sometimes the venue limits us further in numbers due to their own health and safety.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?

No. All tickets must be fully purchased at least 24 hours before the evening. If you wish to buy additional tickets, please purchase the additional tickets separately.

How many tickets can we book?

For groups of more than 10, please get in contact to double check availability. Ultimately you can buy as many as you wish, but please do check availability if booking for more than 10 people.

When do you run the evenings?

At the current moment we undertake the evening in the autumn/winter months. This is due to ourselves being unable to undertake them during the summer, because of the spring and summer country shows that we attend.

Will I receive tickets through the post?

Once you have purchased your tickets via PayPal successfully, you should receive an automated email confirming your purchase. This is your ticket please bring this a long with you, you will then be asked to sign in when you arrive.

What age restrictions are there?

There are no age restrictions. The only thing that we do ask is – if a young baby does start crying, that you could please head outside of the room momentarily to calm down, before coming back in. We hope that you do not mind this request.

How and when do I pay?

We ask for payment to be made upfront. The only method of payment is through PayPal. It is the most secure. Tickets cannot be purchased at the venue.

If I cannot make it, after I have purchased tickets, will I be refunded?

If you cancel your tickets at least 35 days before the evening, you will receive a full refund. If less than 35 days, we cannot issue a refund.

If we have not answered your question, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team via or by calling the team on 01584 777299.



CANCELLATION OF THE EVENING – If the evening has to be cancelled, a full refund will be issued to everyone and you will be notified by email. We will then try our best to rearrange the date and we will notify you straight away before we put the tickets on public sale. After a weeks notice we will put the tickets on sale to the public.

REFUNDS – If you cancel your tickets at least 35 days before the evening, you will receive a full refund. If less than 35 days before the evening, we cannot issue a refund.