Film & TV

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Hawkeye Falconry UK are experienced in providing the work required for any film and television production requiring Birds of Prey. We have appeared on television for many programmes in the past, including wildlife documentaries, conservation work abroad and for birds of prey. The depth of knowledge, that the team hold is ideal for the job.  With this, Hawkeye Falconry UK have the experience and understanding of a crews expectations and will strive to achieve the desired results.

Whether it is a still shot of a bird of prey, that you need to achieve, or a moving scene, all of the birds at Hawkeye Falconry UK are available, along with very experienced handlers, who have achieved some amazing scenes before for productions and advertisement.  These include scenes for, Countrywise (for ITV), Bird Bandits (for ITV), Wild Guide (for BBC), Day in the Life of a Kestrel (for BBC).

For more information please contact Hawkeye Falconry UK with any queries that you have.