Maiden Year For Twix – What a Little Bird He Is!

Back in June 2018, we collected Twix our Boobook Owl at the very young age of 3 weeks.

Baby Twix

3 Week Old Twix

Straight away we knew that this little chap was going to be a star. Pure confidence and cocky attitude told us that he was to be a super addition to our team.

He undertook his first flying display at the grand age of 6 weeks and ever since then he is loved by a lot of people at all events. Now currently aged 5 months and heading into the winter season, we are going to be treating him carefully over the next couple of months as the temperatures start to drop. Due to the intense heat that we had over the summer, all of our little ones are getting special attention making sure that they will be coping ok with the winter temperatures, installing heaters in their aviaries and night time quarters.

Here he is now in action for a photo shoot recently –

Twix Photoshoot Flying Owl

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