A ‘Short’ Summary of 2018

All the team at HAWKEYE realise how lucky we are. This year was yet again a record year for events, with us attending some very prestigious events that we feel very privileged to attend.

We had over 10 new additions of birds this year in the team. Each and everyone of them have achieved what we set out for them to be doing.

Over the next coming months we will be training new birds that will be featuring in our 2019 displays. Bookings are coming in for next year and it looks like we are already set for another busy year.

We have not yet mentioned in our blog posts about the new legislation that has come into place. It is called the animal activities licence and we welcome it with open arms. Each of our teams will be getting an inspection over the next coming months. This is the same for every falconry display team that travel to events. The new legislation will cover all aspects of keeping birds of prey, including making sure that each and every bird is registered with the local authority. Our team at HAWKEYE believe that this is such an important step for the sport of Falconry and hopefully it will entice falconers all around the UK to keep birds of prey at a high standard.

It seems such a long time ago that the hot weather was with us in the summer. Hopefully there is no shame in saying this but this year with the extreme heat that we had, proved to be quite a difficult season. Although if you were to observe the birds throughout the period of the hot weather, you would have probably seen that ourselves, the falconers, suffered a lot more than the birds. It was a huge worry for us. We did have to cancel our attendance at some events. Although when the extreme heat started to diminish we were pleasantly surprised how well the birds coped during that period. We are currently making plans to alter all the housing at our bases to cope with potential severe heat on a more regular basis.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to each and every customer that has had us at an events this year. We have enjoyed attending every single event and we know how difficult it is to organise events, but we are always amazed with how brilliant each and every event is. Also to every single member of public that has seen our displays, we have been so welcome at each and every event and it is always a pleasure to see how well our displays are received. So a big thank you to everyone!

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and we look forward to seeing you at an event next year!